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About Us

Stewart's Packaging, Inc. is a "full line" wholesale distributor of packaging supplies for stores and businesses.

Come visit our showroom at the warehouse in Houston, where you can touch and feel all the products we carry.


What Makes Us Different

Stewart's Packaging, Inc. provides a vast variety of products such as retail packaging supplies, retail paper bags, poly bags, foam cups/containers, foam/clear hinged lid containers, aluminum foil, butcher supplies, napkins, portion cups, tissue, towels, plates, bowls, restaurant and warehouse supplies.

Stewart's Packaging has a unique location at Houston's Original Farmers Market. The Farmers Market has been located at 2520 Airline Drive since 1942. There are 43 businesses on the Farmer's Market, and we are the only business that does not sell produce. 

Prior to the Stewart family purchasing the business in 1978, the previous name was Finch Brothers Wholesale which started in 1957. They catered to the farmers and produce brokers that would need paper products for their customers. Since 1978 we have expanded the product line, focusing on retail stores and restaurants.

In 2005 Stewart's Packaging, Inc. expanded its retail packaging line by purchasing Superior Store Supply. In 2008, Stewart's Packaging purchased Stephen's Industrial Service, LLC to expand its product line and customer base.  All employees with these companies are now with Stewart's Packaging, Inc.

In 2017 Stewart's Packaging opened up another location in Galveston, TX,  This location is located at 1227 23rd Street.  

If you live in or near Houston we can have one of our salespeople visit your store and find out your packaging needs.  Local delivery by our trucks or salespeople is available as well.


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