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Super for Soup, Chili

Disposable bowls are a budget-conscious way to serve soup, chili or salad.

Add a look of elegance to your foodservice operation with foam plastic dinnerware from Stewart's.

Available in a wide range of styles and sizes, foam dinnerware is lighter than china, yet strong enough to hold a full portion without bending.

Superior insulating qualities make foam dinnerware from Stewart's perfect for both hot and cold foods.

Quiet Classic dinnerware lines are available in white, honey, or black and are laminated for extra strength and gloss.

Our Concorde dinnerware line offers the same Dart quality in a non-laminated version.

Feature Advantage Benefit
Deep Shoulders on Plate Food will not slide off Avoids spills and complaints
Insulated Reduced heat transfer Hot foods can be held comfortably
Skid-Resistant Surface Helps prevent sliding on tray or table Reduces chance of spills and waste
Stronger Than Paper Dinnerware Resists bending or folding when holding food Avoids spills and complaints
Lighter Than Impact Plastic Dinnerware Easier inventory handling More satisfied employees
Rim Pattern
Allows for easy, one-handed separation
Increases operational efficiency
Non-Absorbent Prevents liquids from soaking through
Reduced customer complaints
Made without CFCs
Reduced environmental impact
Reduces customer concerns

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3.5-Ounce White Foam Bowl (1000)
5oz White Foam Bowl (1000)
Stewart's Price: $63.00
5oz White Foam Bowl (1000)
3.5-Ounce White Foam Bowl (1000)
12oz White Foam Bowl (1000)
Stewart's Price: $40.00
12oz White Foam Bowl (1000)
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